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Chevy 1.4 Turbo Casting #291/ 622/ 669

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Remanufactured Turbo for Chevy #291/622/669 for 2011-2021 Cruze and Sonic Models

Enhance your ride with Chevy's #291/622/669 Turbo, specifically designed for 2011-2021 Cruze and Sonic models. Experience ultimate upgrades at a fraction of the cost with our remanufactured turbo.

Zoom off into the sunset with style and power, thanks to our quirky and fun-tastic product. Get yours today!

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 2011-2021 Chevy Cruze and Sonic models
  • Remanufactured turbo for ultimate upgrades
  • Complete valve job included for enhanced performance.

Elevate your Chevy's performance with our complete valve job. We meticulously disassemble and thoroughly clean via hot tank. Every part undergoes thorough inspection. Precision pressure tested to confirm cylinder head is not cracked. We install top-notch valve stem seals, ensuring optimal 3-angle grind valve job & vacuum tested to ensure perfect compression. All components are meticulously cleaned to meet AERA specifications!

Upgrade your ride today and experience the ultimate in style and power!

Care Instructions