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Remanufactured Toyota 1.8L 2ZZ-GE Cylinder Head for Non-EGR Models (2000-2006)

Upgrade your engine with our remanufactured Toyota 1.8L 2ZZ-GE cylinder head, suitable for use on non-EGR models from 2000 to 2006. Compatible with 2000-2005 Celica GTS, 2003-2006 Matrix XRS, and 2005-2006 Corolla XRS.

Please note that cam seals and gasket sets are not included with the purchase of this product.

Key Features:

  • Complete disassembly and thorough cleaning via hot tank
  • Pressure tested to confirm cylinder head integrity.
  • Installation of new valve stem seals for enhanced durability
  • 3-angle grind valve job and vacuum testing for optimal compression
  • Precision PCD milling for a super smooth finish.

Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality. All parts are cleaned and inspected before final assembly to meet AERA specifications.

Upgrade your engine's performance today with our remanufactured Toyota 1.8L 2ZZ-GE cylinder head.

Care Instructions